Inside Electiona

The most advanced display technology combined with a solid platform. The main key of Electiona is the clustered and scalable design using different cloud architectures.

Responsive web technologies

Electiona focused on multi device usage. It uses advanced libraries and packages based in HTML5 and javascript, like HighCharts, HighMaps and Raphael. It is because of this approach that we can provide attractive real time results on the presentation level.

Big Data oriented

We use big data storage technologies and data bases that support the use of big volumes of information, like MongoDB. This kind of solutions allows us to offer a high volume of concurrence response.

Extract, Transform and Load systems

ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) advanced systems, amongst other support technologies, enables the scrutiny processes in real time, offering updated information in a short period of time.

Standarized formats

Electiona uses JSON, XML and webservices based technologies in order to provide standard structures of data-sharing technology.

Linux System

Due to the use of Linux software , we offer the highest levels of security and robustness to the operative system. We have also added some others technologies to make the system even stronger.

Cloud architectures

Electiona has its whole architecture deployed in cloud systems using IAAS, the capacity of storage distribution and servers scalability can be adjusted to every need.

Clusterized modules

The global solution includes clustered systems in situations with high risk of error, and information redundant environments.

Advanced development methods

We rely on advanced methodologies and ISO quality standards to offer a robust and reliable service

Customized to your needs

Electiona allows you to customize the look and feel of each module. Our installation guide will show you how to modify the CSS file of the product to suit your needs. If you prefer not to do this work or simply don't want to get into technical details, Electiona offers an attractive design by default.

Electiona Widgets or Data API

Electiona covers two different approaches. Data API is a data API that allows you to create your own electoral graphics; Electiona Widgets offers you a full catalogue of graphics for each electoral process, covering the electoral scrutiny, before and after. Choose the best option for your needs. If you are interested in a more tailored approach, contact us through the On Premise form.

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