Electiona On Premise

Our experience offering graphical info about electoral processes for the past 10 years has lead us to build Electiona, a strong platform of graphical electoral data representation.


Taking this as a stepping-stone, OpenSistemas develops and implants on premise solutions to media. This approach unite the platform strength, tested for years, with a customize point of view unique for any project.

Security, performance and scalability

Customization work is developed on the basis of an already developed, tested and proven platform, allowing us to offer high rates of security, performance and scalability.

Graphic power

We design and develop custom graphics, incorporating also to the electoral data, sociodemographic information and advanced rendering models to differentiate your media


Our customized project approach, enables us to integrate Electiona to suit your needs, adapted and specialized in every aspect, based on the problems of our client


* Simulator system for scrutiny tests

* Clustered architecture with a high capacity CDN and scalable systems

* Advanced Big Data technology application

* Cloud architecture, integral solution and multi-device design


Custom design of modules, charts and pages

Contingency specific plan and performance tests

Custom development and integration

Coverage during scrutiny process and also before/after

Scalable design, according to estimated number of visitors

Custom SEO design

20minutos Group is really satisfied with OpenSistemas performance. It was a key day for our platform and they met all our expectations. Besides, we are really happy with the cloud deployment, it meant an important cost saving and it adapted perfectly to the changing needs of the project.

Adrián Cobos, LAB Coordinator - 20minutos.es

It has been one of the most complex developments we have faced in OpenSistemas, specially due the immediacy and the amount of data, but we can say it has been a complete success.

Fernando Monera, Electiona main developer - OpenSistemas

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