Data API

Data API is an online data service, that provides scrutiny data in real time and in a simple format for all the electoral processes in Spain. It solves the problem of catching and treating this delicate type of information, event during the scrutiny, so you can focus on representation, treatment or latest analysis of this data.


  • Simple, standard, documented and with many examples
  • Safe, scalable and safe, based on Electiona Cloud architecture
  • Technical suppor given for OpenSistemas, company specialized on electoral scrutiny processes


  • Electiona Cloud distributed environment
  • Scalable and clustered architecture
  • Integrable in all environments through standard http and JSON calls

Data API is a JSON data library, available through http calls, that allows you to collect electoral info without the complex processes of gather the scrutiny data or historical data identification. 


Data API offers a safe and simple way to acess historical info for all electoral processes in Spain since Democracy started. Data is shown in real time during the scrutiny process, that allows you to focus on your business and avoid the complex process of gathering the info yourself.


The integration is quick and easy, it is compatible with any environment and graphic libray. OpenSistemas offers help and documented examples, besides a technical support line for a correct integration and a support hotline during scrutiny.

Get Electiona Data API

Historic info
Real time coverage
Available until 30 days after
REST technology and JSON format
Documentation and examples
Support service available
Domain and password security access
Electoral history accessible
Build you own graphics
PRICE (taxes not included) 500 €