On Premise FAQs

Please, find below the answer to the most frequently asked questions about On Premise.

Who's the developer of Electiona projects?
Who's the developer of Electiona projects?,

OpenSistemas is a Spanish company with more than ten years of experience in innovative projects and products related to information analysis and data representaction, specially electoral processes. Electiona On Premise sums up OpenSistemas capability to offer projects and services tailor made for large accounts.

Which electoral processes covers OpenSistemas?
Which electoral processes covers OpenSistemas?,

OpenSistemas covers all the electoral processes taken place in Spain and also some of the most important processes of the world, looking for the perfect angle for each and every single one.

Can I order different graphics?
Can I order different graphics?,

On Premise projects are based on the development of specific integration, new graphics and tailor made adaptations. This capabilities can be developed in a really short time because the technological solution is already developed and tested, and also because we have a great team and experience on this kind of projects.

Why should I trust in Electiona On Premise?
Why should I trust in Electiona On Premise?,

Because it is tailor made projects we are talking about, developed individually for each customer, thanks to a professional specialized team with a technological frame tested and proven.